Hello in the longest time!

It's been a really long time since i've last posted here on Livejournal. I realise in the past i only posted stuff whenever i was feeling down, and the last two weeks kind of warranted an entry here, so here goes my first post in probably TWO YEARS. The last two weeks of my life really revealed a lot about myself. Leslie said it's good in a way, since the first step to improvement is self-realisation.

So the first in this series of unfortunate events was my wedding photographer losing a section of the pre-wedding photographs Leslie and I took at the secondary school. Needless to say we were really upset, but there was not much we could do, except to reschedule another photoshoot at the school (which reminds me, I better email the OM later). Headache on what dress to wear, how to put my hair up, additional cost / time etc. really kinda took a toll.

Up next, was me deciding to get a new PHONE; YES my first phone purchase in 5 years (Used the iPhone 4 for about 4.5 years and we thought it was a good time to change the phone to something else). So i decided to get a Z3 compact after seeing how small and well, compact, it was compared to the mega-sized phones these days. I didn't want to get a big phone because i like to put my phone in the backpocket sometimes, so really, it was between a Z3 Compact or an LG. Decided to go with Sony since the last SE phone i had was when i was 17. 10 years ago! Good memories! Started using the phone, was super impressed that a phone still possesses an antenna (?!) for radio streaming, its amazing camera and powerful battery life. All was good initially. Then....... the screen took a hit two days after I got it, and it CRACKED. Just at the bottom part where a long crack developed and tiny shards of glass started falling out from the screen. But the phone became a brick when the touch screen stopped responding to touch. well... spent the next evening at Sony, telling them that i will not pay for a single cent.

THEN...  a car went over my iPhone 4 when I dropped it in the carpark at the Barage. Well we were in the carpark waiting for a lot when i saw my colleague and my friends told me to ask her where her car might be. didnt get her lot, but anyway my friends found another lot and we managed to park it quickly. Did not realise that i have dropped the phone on the road, a few cars went past us, and then that was when my friend finally spotted the red thing on the ground. The phone was bent in the middle, but not cracked screens (front or back). HA, Sony.

Well.. I can now say that this whole saga is over. The iPhone was brought back to life that same night (no idea how, it went dead and suddenly it was ok again), photographer found the photos (videographer came back from overseas shoot and helped him to find the files!) and Sony is willing to fix my phone at no cost (FOC!) out of their goodwill. Well i guess all's well ends well, although i was really frustrated for the past two weeks. No idea where this amount of anger and angst came from, but i sure know now that i have a fiery temper that seems to flare up too easily these days. Could be work-related as well, but i'm trying very hard now to control this "new-found" temper. Shouldnt let my work affect my physical and emotional well-being and vice versa!!

Wedding in 6 weeks' time (or less!!), i think i should be alright. Ha! :) 

Quarter life crisis

I think I'm suffering from quarter-life crisis. First I start feeling demoralized, then I start hating the world and start realizing how many stupid people there are on this planet. Argh. And I'm one of them. Sigh

three months

and so im back for three months. not really sure what is wrong with me today, but i've been feeling so down today i really thought something was wrong with me :( decided to pack my cupboard (good decision, takes my attention away), fixed a small toy story puzzle and the small wheel which leslie gave me a while ago.. and restarted the desktop. havent been using this desktop for so long! quite glad that its still running.. perhaps i will start using this more often, maybe one day i'll reformat the computer and get myself a Windows 8 upgrade!

meanwhile.. need to stop feeling so down and start picking myself up again. 

One month

And so, I'm back here for a month already. Getting used to the new work regime which sucks because that means I'm getting lazier and poorer at the same time :( been working a lot of unpaid overtime, I have to be more efficient from now on. No point giving so much to this organization who doesn't value me (I should have known this from the whole secondment experience)

Now to forget the unhappy incident, move on, plan lots of activities over the next two months for myself, look forward to August and finish up my m.sci!

The first week back

.. And so I'm back to my company. Glad to be back to a certain extent, glad to see familiar faces but a little sad that there's so little work for so many engineers.

Thankfully the wait wasn't too long! Just received an email about potential work starting next week, and I might get to be on two projects (though part time!). Fingers crossed for better times ahead.

And now that I'm back, I'm motivated to make things happen in office! Realised now that things are slow, I might actually be able to make changes! Fingers crossed, and hopefully I will be able to make my term as the chairperson a meaningful one. 6 more months to go!!

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